Rockston Stories, Directed by Susie Miller Oduniyi. Outside Edge Theatre Company 2015, Hoxton Hall.  Associate Director Mark Rylance.

Unraveling the covert realm of substance misuse in 18th century and modern day Hoxton, London.



Unfinished Business, Directed By Susie Miller Oduniyi & Christopher Holt Outside Edge Theatre Company 2016-2018

Treatment Centre Tour, Codependency and Relapse Prevention. Photo credit: Stephen Nussey.


Brown Bread,  a Humourisk scratch production performed at the Hooked exhibition, Science Gallery October 2018, and Shine Community Cafe, Haringey, revealed the lost voices of older men and the rise in drug-related deaths.


Brown Bread explored two chaotic older men caught in long–term addiction, from different walks of life. A long term heroin user and dealer and a retired post office worker, managing a long-term addiction to painkillers. The narrative explored the crossroad of the two main protagonists layering naturalism, comedy, poetry and story-telling. The production was devised by the Humourisk ensemble cast themselves in recovery, with poetry by Jeff Blair, recovery poet and Humourisk Associate Writer.


People aged 40 to 49 years had the highest rate of drug misuse deaths in 2016, overtaking those aged 30 to 39 years. The mortality rate from drug misuse has also increased in people aged 50 to 69 years since 2012.

REF: Office of National Statistics, Deaths related to drug poisoning in England and wales: 2016 registrations.


Directed by Susie Miller Oduniyi

Susie creates productions that reflect dark and challenging stories, engaging audiences with honesty and humour. She co-devised Brown Bread with the cast, drawing on their lived experience of addiction. The wit and truthful observations of the characters asked the audience to recognise the deep seated stigma facing those in struggling with addiction that ultimately challenges individual recovery.





Humourisk Comedy Night, Comedy and stand-up acts by local people, directed by Susie Miller Oduniyi & Tia Martin, with support from actress Joey Robinson. Hackney 2012.

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