Humourisk create performance and art that redefines perceptions, co-creating work with communities and artists through creative exchange that follows 5 main principles:



peer support

We create a safe supportive space to empower individual and collective creativity


creative dialogue

We value the equal exchange of ideas to connect communities to their creativity and inspire our artistic practice  



Our work values the power of humour to reach new audiences and highlight our individuality and commonality.


starting where people are at

We recognise the diverse experiences and knowledge of the communities and particpants we work with, and the value this brings to our work


creative risks

We encourage creative and artistic risks to find new ways of seeing, to challenge stigma and inequality


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Artistic Director                               Susie Miller Oduniyi


Community Director                      Tia Martin


Associate  Writer                              Jeff Blair


Associate Director                           Ayodele Oduniyi